Sacred Geometry

sacred geometry

Very few people are familiar with how sacred, numbers, proportions, and geometry were to the ancients. The reality is, it was one of the most important aspects of their lives. It was through sacred geometry and symbolism that they related to the universe and discerned their understanding of the world, and their relationship to it. Most notably this was done through architecture, but it was also apparent in their language, music, and more. They understood the interrelatedness of all things, and that all things were vibration in its many forms. Sound was the same as architecture, one was simply moving (sound) and the other was not (architecture), but they posses the same shape and proportions. The reason I bring this to attention today is because I have found a modern company that is rebirthing this ancient knowingness and creating pools that embody these sacred proportions. It is a pool remodel company and their work can be found at The shapes and designs used are simply divine, and the symmetry and proportions are identical to the precision and detail of the ancients. Amongst their portfolio of pools are shapes like the vesica piscis, the flower of life and all the shapes in between. This company seems to understand the sacred reasoning for constructing such proportions and shapes, and how they reflect the sacredness of the entire universe. I think in particular that pool architecture is stunning, because pools have reflections, and sacred geometry is all about reflecting the universe through shapes.

Egypt’s Symbolism

Egypt has always been shrouded in mystery and is the home to some of the most ancient symbolism. For years archeologist and other scholars have tried to understand the history of Egypt, and the origin of its ancient civilization. Through elaborate excavations, archeologist have uncovered most of Egypt’s past, but still there seems to be much mystery surrounding this ancient culture. For one thing, scientist can’t agree how the egyptians actually constructed the pyramids in the first place. Different theories exist that suggest perhaps a systems of pulleys were used, but yet it doesn’t explain how the egyptians sourced their limestone for the great pyramids construction.

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Flower Of Life

Today I want to talk for a moment about one of earth’s most sacred symbols, the flower of life. It is scattered throughout history and has been found in caves, monuments, shrines and art across the globe. Respected as a sacred symbol, the flower of life was treasured and its design was handed down through many civilizations. In recent years much awareness has been brought to this sacred symbol, and it has become a popular tattoo design, jewelry design,and popular among artists. There is even a vinyl wrap company that has become popular for vinyl wrapping cars with the flower of life design. This resurgence of the flower of life, deserves some explanation, so I will do my best to fill everyone in. For the design is far more than an aesthetic masterpiece, but actually has universal properties that can be useful to all of us, once we understand them.

Where did it come from? 

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Ancient Symbolism

If you begin to explore history you will find that our ancients were much more connected, to metaphors and the relationship between things than we are today. Even though our dollar bill and government buildings are littered with symbolism, the uninitiated masses are entirely disconnected from the ancient practice of incorporating symbolism into our culture.


The wisdom of the ancients accentuated the eternal relationship between everything in reality. That everything was one. Though objects may seem unrelated, the ancients recognized qualities that made them different forms of the same thing. They saw the interweaving intelligence and singularity that persists through all things.

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In ancient times, and still today, certain groups of people practiced the art of alchemy. Known for being the process of turning lead to gold, to the initiated however, it goes beyond the physical plane and refers to a process that takes place on the spiritual plane.

Lead To Gold…

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Do you ever wonder why, or how, or when? I’m sure you have. We all have this sense of wonder and curiosity no matter what it pertains to, or did at some point in time. As kids we ask innumerable questions about why something is the way it is, or how it became that way. But it seems as adults our sense of wonder dies down, at least for most of us. Perhaps we think we know it all, or perhaps more commonly, we have little time to designate to our curiosity. Or maybe its due to the large organizations (religion and science) that seem to have the answers to all of this, leaving us to more important tasks as contributing to the GDP. I guess if we wondered for too long it may not get us anywhere, or maybe we have figured it all out already and there is no need to explore our wonder any further.

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First Words

The world is full of mysteries, and history is full of holes. Hold hands with us as we explore the traditionally unexplored and discuss the undiscussed. We appreciate your interests, and look forward to your experience here on Welcome.

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