Jesus pictures was founded on the belief that there is always more than meets the eyes. That a picture is worth a thousand words and more. Approaching all subjects from an investigators point of view, we work to uncover the unseen aspects of all that is. Take this journey with us as we look closer at the details, and seams that currently construct our present reality.

With the intent of bringing meaningful and informative information to our audience, we will look beyond the veil and step into the unknown. This site is not for the faint of heart and is intended to arose the curiosity in all of is. This is a break from your current 9-5 “Mass Media Reality” and a journey into the center of the earth. Join us as we dive into the ancient history of man, the cover ups of our government, and the life that may live beyond our planet.

Though sometimes it may seem like science fiction, we seek only to bring you what we deem as having credibility in reality. So grab your popcorn, or whatever snacks you fancy and join us as we travel into the wormhole.

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