Do you ever wonder why, or how, or when? I’m sure you have. We all have this sense of wonder and curiosity no matter what it pertains to, or did at some point in time. As kids we ask innumerable questions about why something is the way it is, or how it became that way. But it seems as adults our sense of wonder dies down, at least for most of us. Perhaps we think we know it all, or perhaps more commonly, we have little time to designate to our curiosity. Or maybe its due to the large organizations (religion and science) that seem to have the answers to all of this, leaving us to more important tasks as contributing to the GDP. I guess if we wondered for too long it may not get us anywhere, or maybe we have figured it all out already and there is no need to explore our wonder any further.

For me, I believe that life is a balance of contemplating, and doing. Sure we need to consider the many possibilities of reality, but we also need to live our lives and feel what it feels to have both feet on the ground. From my perspective this is not a problem for most, and that the majority of humanity is too rooted in their present reality, or what they perceive as their present reality. I believe that if most had this sense of wonder, and really analyzed their current situation, including the media, food, and religion they continually ingested, the questions would start to pile up.

We live in a very precarious reality. We live on a planet with over 9 billion people yet, we can’t agree on where the heck we originated from. Sure things get lost in history, but we are an overpopulated planet that has no understanding of where we came from or where were going. Beyond that we cannot distinguish between if we are sophisticated animals, or entirely unrelated to them. If we are we meant to eat meat, or if we were intended to eat only vegetables. If we are entirely spiritual beings or simply decedents of apes. The list of who we are and what we should be doing here goes on-and-on.

Before I get on a rant I want to state that this site is designed to feed the wonder that exist in al of us. Regardless of how deep and hidden it resides in you there is always still some sense of wonder. Put all prejudices and preconceived notions aside as we discuss topics that will stretch your beliefs of what reality “really” is. We are not saying that everything found on this page is the truth, the whole truth, and you know the rest. But that we are bringing to attention all aspects of reality that may change, even just a little bit, how see the world and possible make you wonder.

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