Ancient Symbolism

Ancient Symbolism

If you begin to explore history you will find that our ancients were much more connected, to metaphors and the relationship between things than we are today. Even though our dollar bill and government buildings are littered with symbolism, the uninitiated masses are entirely disconnected from the ancient practice of incorporating symbolism into our culture.


The wisdom of the ancients accentuated the eternal relationship between everything in reality. That everything was one. Though objects may seem unrelated, the ancients recognized qualities that made them different forms of the same thing. They saw the interweaving intelligence and singularity that persists through all things.

Map the heavens

The ancients were obsessed with our relationship to the heavens. Through the stories they told in the bible, the architecture they built, and the murals they painted they sought to detail the relationship between them and the cosmos. The cosmos was an integral part of their culture, and was widely discerned in much of the work that was created in those times. Pillars on a building and disciples in the bible were common representations of earths relationship to the planets, sun, and moon.


With the still subtle but very flagrant use of symbols by prominent organizations and institutions you wonder if there is something the uninitiated don’t know about the power of symbolism. Why was it that our ancient cultures were so inthralled with using symbolism in everything they did. Were they harnessing some sort of etheric power, or speaking to the universe through the language of symbolism. For if the universe had a language I’m sure it would be symbolism. I believe this is the first thing I noticed on my journey behind the veil and I’m sure for many of you it was the same. Scattered across our country and other countries are very precarious relics and symbols that were at one point taken very seriously and still are today. For some reasons, certain small groups of powerful people are still concerned with the meanings of symbols, and show no sign of retiring this ancient practice. Why is it that Washington D.C. is covered in ancient egypt symbolism, and why do similar symbols show up at the Vatican, and the U.S. capital. Coincidence? I think not. In later posts I will share examples of symbolism and outline interesting correlations between what you would think were such distant organizations. Perhaps their is a web of connections between certain groups of people that dates back to the origin of all this symbolism. The world is full of mystery and were glad you joined us in the search to uncover some answers.


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