Egypt’s Symbolism

Egypt’s Symbolism

Egypt has always been shrouded in mystery and is the home to some of the most ancient symbolism. For years archeologist and other scholars have tried to understand the history of Egypt, and the origin of its ancient civilization. Through elaborate excavations, archeologist have uncovered most of Egypt’s past, but still there seems to be much mystery surrounding this ancient culture. For one thing, scientist can’t agree how the egyptians actually constructed the pyramids in the first place. Different theories exist that suggest perhaps a systems of pulleys were used, but yet it doesn’t explain how the egyptians sourced their limestone for the great pyramids construction. After all, some of the multi-ton slabs of limestone used were sourced from up to 500 miles away, which baffles researchers. Based on our understanding it would have taken a millennia to achieve such a construction with the technology they possessed. The ancient civilization leaves much mystery and curiosity to modern onlookers, but amongst the mystery lies a lot of clues. The ancient egyptians loved symbolism, in fact their language was almost entirely made of it.

The Egyptians may have had the most advanced form of symbolism that has ever existed on earth, and much of the symbolism in other cultures stemmed from Egyptian symbology. The egyptians truly understood the concept of encapsulating something in time, and tried to encapsulate their civilization in time for future civilizations to reflect on. Beyond crucifying their bodies, which has been extremely beneficial to modern day scientist. Egyptians also built their whole city to withstand the test of time. By building their buildings out of limestone, and lots of it, the egyptian constructions are some of the longest standing in the world. Using sacred proportions to construct their buildings, their architecture was to the upmost quality and durability that the universe permitted. So that thousands of years into the future, civilizations like our own, could study their society and architecture.

By constructing everything to last through time the Egyptians were able to preserve their knowledge and symbols. Scattered throughout their ancient city is an assortment of symbols. They recorded every facet of their civilization including what they ate, how they cooked, what activities they performed, and much more. From these symbols we have gained a great understanding of their interests and what fascinated them, and mainly how in tune with the universe they were.

Their understanding of subjects like the human body are profound and are displayed in their architecture. Below is a wonderful video that details the profound relationship between the temple of Luxor and the human body.

The temple of Luxor is one of many architectural constructions that demonstrates Egypt’s vast universal knowledge and awareness. The pyramids which most people are familiar with are another great indicator of the Egyptians great understanding of the universe. Though most people are familiar with the Pyramids, most are not aware of the deep symbolism that is built into them.

  1. The Great Pyramid was constructed with each corner perfectly pointing to the four points of the compass (N,S,E,W), only off by a negligible .06 percent.
  2. The pyramid works as a great sundial accurately foreshadowing winter and summer solstices.
  3. Knowledge of the earths 23.5 degree tilt on its axis is displayed in the vertical incline of the pyramid.
  4. The pyramid contains proportions that can accurately measure the earths dimensions and the distance from earth and the moon.
  5. Most notably may be the be the the positioning of the pyramids and their alignment with the Orion’s belt constellation.

Through weaving symbolism into their architecture, the egyptians demonstrated their great knowledge of the universe. Along with painted symbols like the famous flower of life and other famous images was this universal sacred architecture that was so commonly practiced i their society. They say that math is the universal language, and the Egyptians showed their great understanding of this language through larger than life architecture.

The full story is still yet to be told about the Egyptians, but something is for sure, they were trying to communicate through time with future civilizations. By using the only language that cannot be mis interpreted (mathematics) they communicated their profound understanding of earth and its relationship to the universe. We look forward to new findings on Egypt, and its sacred knowledge.

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