Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Very few people are familiar with how sacred, numbers, proportions, and geometry were to the ancients. The reality is, it was one of the most important aspects of their lives. It was through sacred geometry and symbolism that they related to the universe and discerned their understanding of the world, and their relationship to it. Most notably this was done through architecture, but it was also apparent in their language, music, and more. They understood the interrelatedness of all things, and that all things were vibration in its many forms. Sound was the same as architecture, one was simply moving (sound) and the other was not (architecture), but they posses the same shape and proportions. The reason I bring this to attention today is because I have found a modern company that is rebirthing this ancient knowingness and creating pools that embody these sacred proportions. It is a pool remodel company and their work can be found at The shapes and designs used are simply divine, and the symmetry and proportions are identical to the precision and detail of the ancients. Amongst their portfolio of pools are shapes like the vesica piscis, the flower of life and all the shapes in between. This company seems to understand the sacred reasoning for constructing such proportions and shapes, and how they reflect the sacredness of the entire universe. I think in particular that pool architecture is stunning, because pools have reflections, and sacred geometry is all about reflecting the universe through shapes.

Below is a video that highlights this correlation between sound, shape, math and the universe, beautifully. Through its imagery, and the relationships it draws upon, you can better understand the ancient interests in these subjects. Check out the video and see for yourself the strange anomalies that exist between seemingly unrelated things.

As you can see there is almost an equation or algorithm if you will, that creates the whole universe. And that everything in the universe reflects this universal equation in some form or another. The most unrelated things at their root beat to the same rhythm or frequency as everything else. Possibly in a different octave, but still in the same scale. Almost as if there is a string of clues leading us closer to understanding the very nature of the universe and our place in it. Ancient Egypt reflected these proportions in their grand architecture, by mimicking earths proportions, as well as those of the human body. They understood by knowing one thing, you could better understand something else. Possibly the biggest thing they understood was that there was a universal architecture that could be understood, and the displayed that eloquently, by symbolically incorporating the sacred architecture (sacred proportions) into their own city architecture.

We must also note that, sacred proportions are also the most aesthetically pleasing to the brain. Just as we enjoy the geometry of a sunflower because of its beautiful proportions the same goes for architecture. So beyond containing a wealth of meaning, the ancients used sacred proportions in their architecture because of its aesthetic beauty. Its the highest form of beauty you could possibly create, because after all, what is more beautiful than nature itself. I believe this is the reason Phoenix Pool Remodel uses these shapes and proportions in their pool designs. They’re rich with meaning but also posses the most aesthetic value.

Its actually a shame more pool builders and architects for that matter don’t incorporate sacred geometry into their designs. I believed if we mimicked the beauty of nature more often we would have more visually appealing cities and homes which would simultaneously be more functional. For the ancients knew that each shape had certain properties and characteristics that made it physically and symbolically functional in certain cases. For example the circle provides the most area for the least amount of perimeter, making it great for building, because it uses the least amount of resources for the greatest volume of space. However sacred geometry goes well beyond the functional use of specific geometric shapes, and includes inherent symbolic meaning. Often representing planetary bodies, earths elements, star systems and more.

There is almost two camps of thought when it comes to this subject. Either everything is sacred in its relationship to one another, or nothing is sacred at all. We identify with the former and believe that everything in the universe is sacred purely based on its existence in this sacred world. The ancients have symbolized the rich synchronicity within all living things. They showed us through their architecture and symbolism that all which is above is also below. That the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm and vice versa. The interrelatedness of all things is a life long study, and obviously one that the ancients took very seriously.

If this subject interests you, I suggest exploring it further, and researching further into the ancient interests of sacred geometry, and proportions. There is no reason that there passion for this subject should go forgotten. In fact we love to see more people embody the ancient tradition of creating symbolic architecture like we saw from Pool Remodel Phoenix.

If you have notable contributions that you would like to make on this subject, please comment below. This is a field of study that has great information scattered all across the web, so lets consolidate it, and make it an archive here as much as possible.

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