In ancient times, and still today, certain groups of people practiced the art of alchemy. Known for being the process of turning lead to gold, to the initiated however, it goes beyond the physical plane and refers to a process that takes place on the spiritual plane.

Lead To Gold…

Obviously the ability to turn led to gold is a valuable skill, but even more valuable was the ability to do this metaphorically. Turning the lead spirit, into gold. Many believed, and still do today, is the highest point one can reach while on planet earth. A point in which your spirit transcends into a mode of knowingness, and that it conducts spiritual energy at the highest capacity. This state of knowingness has also been referred to as enlightenment and many other things throughout time.

As Above, So Below

For many there is also a metaphorical process that accompanies alchemy. For years people have actually performed acts, such as fermentation to physically represent a process that happens spiritually. The physical practice stems from the long time saying of “as above, so below.” This saying in short, states that everything in reality is a lesser and greater happening of something else. Everything that takes part in the macrocosm also takes place in the microcosm and vice versa. That life reflects itself in a never ending house of mirrors.

Alchemy Continued..

Alchemy will be something that will be discussed often, and so I wanted to start by putting it out there so readers can begin to do a little research themselves. This may be something that readers are very familiar with or something entirely new. In coming post I will share the details of alchemy and its origin in history, but until then, explore the subject and explore your curiosity.


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